Terms & Conditions

Airport  & Cruise Ship Transfers & Shuttle Services

Flight cancellations
NO refunds if the flight is cancelled.  The client has the option to re-schedule for another date.
Flight delayed
We monitor the flights and our staff will meet and greet the passengers at the real arrival time. No refund available because the tour or transportation service will be modified in according to the arrival time, accessibility to the sites, to the cruise ship’s boarding schedule and departing flight schedule.  No refunds for the time shorten due to any reason that delays the tour's start time.
Luggage Policy
We allow two (2) pieces of checked baggage and one (1) carry on for each passenger. No Baggage Fees!
Golf Bags are accepted! No Baggage Fee’s!!! If there are any bags or property weighing in excess of (50) pounds, you may have to help driver loading and unloading such baggage!
Lost Baggage
Fine Line Excursions will not be liable for lost baggage since baggage is never removed from the passenger's presence and is stored in the passenger compartment in which the passenger is riding. A passenger's baggage remains, at all times, the responsibility of the passenger. If you have left anything in any of our buses please contact our office at:
Lost and Found
Please contact our office and we will immediately try to locate your missing item.
Fine Line Excursions is not responsible for items left in the vehicle. Please be sure to inspect the vehicle carefully before you exit to ensure you have all of your belongings. As a courtesy to our clients, we will make any effort to locate your reported "lost" items or inform you if we come across an item that was left behind. We will send lost items to you at you own expense, or they will be available for pick up.
All of our vehicles are NON-SMOKING
For health and safety reasons we do not allow smoking.The Puerto Rico Tourism Co. prohibits smoking by passengers and drivers, for example. Drivers are responsible for keeping vehicles clean and smoke-free at all times.
Traveling with Pets
All Pets must be transported in a pet carrier or kennel. Larger pets in pet carriers will require an exclusive van, please notify in advance.The only exception to these rules applies to service dogs which are welcome in any vehicle class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer infant car seats?
All vehicles are equipped with the proper seat belt requirements to accommodate child seats and you are welcome to bring one along. We may also provide you with one at no extra fee!
The car seat must be requested on your reservation. It is the responsibility of a child's parent or caregiver to properly secure it in the vehicle when transporting children in our vans.
Do I need to put my child in a car seat?
Laws regarding car seats vary. Passengers are responsible for obeying the law. For example, Puerto Rico Tourism and Excursion Transportation Commission deem car seats optional for small children or babies. Laws in other areas vary.
What about traveling with Pets?
Four legged customers are welcome!
Fine Line Excursions makes traveling with your dog or cat easier!
All Pets must be transported in a pet carrier or kennel. Larger pets in pet carriers will require an exclusive van, please notify in advance.
Do I have to wear a safety belt in any of your vehicles?
Laws regarding safety belts vary by locality, since these vehicles have special permits for excursions and transfers seatbelts are not required.
What if I need a Special Service or Accessible Vehicle?
It is recommended that you make a reservation, request your special need and we will ensure that the appropriate vehicle will be there to accommodate your needs.
I have more than one place to go and need a driver for the day. Can Fine Line provide that?
Yes. Sometimes your day or night takes you to more than one destination. For an hourly rate, Fine Line Excursions can provide a vehicle and driver that can transport you between errands, to multiple meetings, on an extending shopping trip, etc. There is a minimum hire time of 4 hours.
To reserve a vehicle by the hour, call us (787 668-6827) or email your itinerary and we will provide you with a rate.
Does Fine Line provide “Meet and Greet” service at airports?
Yes we do! Our driver will be expecting you at baggage claim area, with a Fine Line Excursion sign labeled with your name. Inside (meet and greet at baggage claim) or outside (curbside pickup) service is available at airports. You will receive a phone call and/or SMS letting you know your driver is at your pick-up location.
If my flight is delayed, how can I inform my driver?
Fine Line Excursions monitor flights and will verify the arrival time for your flight. We ask for your flight information during the reservation process so we can track your flight and update your pick up time if your arrival changes. As long as you remain on the same airline and flight, you do not need to contact Fine Line Excursions about your flight. If you change your airline or flight, call our office with the updated information so we can track your new flight.
What if I am running late and need my driver to wait?
We know unanticipated events may arise and through communication with your driver, you can ask them to wait. We have no problem on waiting, unless the same vehicle is booked for a same day transportation service by another client, a grace period of 35 minutes will apply.
How will I know when my transportation has arrived?
Fine Line Excursions uses phone calls and SMS (text) messaging to communicate with you before your pick up. Our drivers arrive at least 30 minutes prior to arrival time, so we will call and text you once our driver is at the pick up location.
What happens if I miss the call or don't get a call when my driver arrives?
Customers are responsible for being at their reserved vehicle at the time of pick up. We use both calls and text (SMS messaging) to keep in contact with our customers, about 30-minutes before the scheduled pick up time. We can't be responsible for calls or messages that go unanswered or do not go through.
If you do not receive a call or text by your scheduled pickup time, go right out side the baggage claim area, our staff will have a sign with your name on it, very easy to identify, should you have any questions contact our office at 000-000-0000.